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Indie Rock

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The Tea Club
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Columbia City Theate
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Bosley Jr "Handbuzzer"

Bosley Jr. has released the first single, “Handbuzzer”, from their forthcoming EP, “No More”. The EP is set be released this Friday, September 6th, via Worry Records.

You can catch Bosley Jr. on September 14th at Just For Fun Roller Rink in McHenry.


Cardinal Harbor @ Beat Kitchen (9/6)

Cardinal Harbor has released a series of single over the last month leading up the release of their latest album, Vulture Hottub. The most recent single is called “J A W B”.

You can help Cardinal Harbor celebrate their album’s release on September 6th at Beat Kitchen with Harvey Fox and Cordoba.


WIVES' "Hit Me Up" is disorienting beauty, play Rough Trade 10/3

“Hit Me Up,” the most recent single by Queens based post-punk outfit WIVES, luridly stumbles into the spotlight at full force; its phosphorescent riffs and glammy vox (by vocalist/guitarist Jay Beach) are rife with a swaggering, confident showmanship that belies it’s status as a single from the band’s upcoming debut So Removed. Better yet is how WIVES are able to seamlessly transition from discordant, strung-out fuzz to a harmonious crescendo on the track’s chorus, in which shimmering, pedal-heavy guitar lines collide with massive percussive builds. It’s a disorienting-ly beautiful track that sets a high standard for the rest of the record, which drops October 4th via City Slang. Until then, stream it below, and catch WIVES at Rough Trade on October 3rd. -Connor Beckett McInerney 


Pledge Drive "Conspiracy Theories"

Pledge Drive recently released a new single called “Conspiracy Theories”. This is the first new music from the group since their 2017 debut album, Genuinity.

The group recently released a group live performance in the studio’s of WHPK.