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Engine Summer "Night School"

Engine Summer has released a new single called “Night School”. This is the band’s second new single this month following up "Carol’s Dead".

You can catch Engine Summer at Sleeping Village on November 13th with Stuyedeyed and Strange Foliage.


Glitter Party - Fuzzy Slackers Debut Album

Glitter Party are bringin’ some dirty fuzzy glitter to the Toronto slacker scene. Their debut self-titled album was released in August of this year and features the previously released singles “Moonrise” and “Orange Paint”. The latter is a thumpin’ noise rock track that has about equal influences from modern California garage rock as well as 80’s pop rock. It could go either way depending on the grit level. In this case, it’s very gritty. Grab some Glitter Party on their bandcamp page! – Kris Gies


Glass Noose @ Moe’s Tavern Tonight (10/29)

Glass Noose (F.K.A. Oeugons Are Real) has released a new EP called “the following preview has been approved for all audiences”. The is an acoustic preview EP for an album called “No More Dignity” which is due out in December.

Glass Noose is the work of Tristian Zemtseff, Aaryanna Renee and Stoop Kiid.

You can catch Glass Noose at Moe’s Tavern tonight, October 29th, with Scuttlebugg’s and Tabibito.


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Jonny Couch
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Venus In Furs

On “Bite,” Lou Roy’s delicate animosity will leave you wanting more

It isn’t too often that a young singer-songwriter from L.A. writes and creates a literary masterpiece. On “Bite,” Lou Roy passionately tells a deeply moving and emotional story through her lyrics—the newest release from her upcoming EP Your Friend, out in November. Roy’s sultry voice creates an indie jazz vocal experience that will set the tone for your night in alone. It draws influences from the musical stylings of Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple, but Roy finds a sound that is all her own.

Passionate sentiments like ‘bite so hard’ have settled so deep in my bones that I am not sure if I can wait until November 15 for her EP to drop. Thankfully, though, she has a release show in at The Bootleg Theater on the 11th—and it is not to be missed. - Kayla Hay