Indie Rock

Celebrate survival with Seán Barna's "Eastern Junk Dancing"

Seán Barna is an enigmatic everyman. For all the various idiosyncratic struggles he processes on new single “Eastern Junk Dancing,” the experiences of “scraping together whatever money you can to galavant up and down the last coast in a tour van,” the mental gymnastics of re-interpreting the steely resolve of Margaret Thatcher as a way to merely exist as a queer person, they’re delightfully idiosyncratic, yet immediately resonate with anyone who’s had to hustle for the dream or persevere despite feelings of inadqueacy or non-normalcy. These quotidian trials as narrative, which Barna chronicles in melancholy-yet-hopeful voice, one that evokes equal parts Destroyer and David Bowie, against a glammy, acoustic vamp, makes for a joyful bop; it’s a celebration of the radical act of staying alive, which after all, is something worth commemorating, if even for a few fleeting hours on Houston Street. Listen to it below if you’re feeling doubtful of your own starpower to remind yourself that, despite it all, you’re still here. —Connor Beckett McInerney


FREE $$$ rocket all the way to the bank on “Support,” play Our Wicked Lady 2.28

White knuckle post-punk barrels down the highway on Support*, the standout 2019 effort by New York trio FREE $$$. Armed to the teeth with guitars and marked by an ear for infectious danceable grooves, the band’s first full length evokes the spirit of the Talking Heads infused with the larger-than-life bravado of early 70s experimental rock, this latter facet a product of frontman Ben Petrisor’s frothy vocal performance. Petrsior’s pipes are immediately evocative of several similarly guttural singers who precede FREE $$$ (Captain Beefheart and Joe Cocker are among the first to come to mind), the centerpiece of the outfit’s drama that puts their sound over the edge; it embeds Support* with a necessary energy that in large part makes the record feel just on cusp of spinning out of control, vocals that, alongside breakbeat percussive rides and driving guitars, exhilarate and enthrall even the passive listener. Stream it below (preferably while already seated), and catch the band at Our Wicked Lady on February 28th for the Winter Madness semi-finals.


Pelafina "Familiar Places"

Pelafina has released a new EP called "Familiar Places". This is the follow-up to their 2018 EP "Sorry In Advance" and features their 2019 single, "Blue and Gold". The latest single from the EP is called "Significant Weather" and is accompanied by the Eleanor Lyon directed video below.

You can catch Pelafina at Downstairs at Subt on March 8th with Lettering, Bailey Minzenberger, and Termination Dust.


Motel Breakfast @ Reggie's Rock Club (2/28)

Americana Rock group Motel Breakfast recently released their self-titled debut full-length album. The album's lead single is called "My Head" and is accompanied by the Madeline Houlihan directed video below.

This is the work Conor Brennan, Drue deVente, Jimmy Drenovsky, Mick O'Donnell, and Jesse Nasadowski.

You can catch Motel Breakfast on February 28th at Reggie's Rock Club with Sleepy Gaucho and The Dead Bolts.


Vanity Contest "I Do Not Want This"

Vanity Contest has released a new single called "I Do Not Want This". This has historical been the project of Brady Matteson, but this is the release with the addition of Elijah Diaz.

You can catch Vanity Contest at Pilsen Art House on March 20th.